Joy in looking and comprehending is natures most beautiful gift – Albert Einstein

This beautiful gift from God is so hard for one to full decipher. This question is rather ambiguous as there could be so many other meanings behind His beautiful gifts.Recently, I was thinking to myself if maybe nature is a reflection of our life? We all have hard days when we feel brittle and weak. However, we always find a way to pick ourselves up. 

I feel this picture is a reflection of finals week. We are all vulnerable and stressed as we study countless hours for a test that could either “make us” or “break us”. Just remember that it’s only temporary like this leaf, it will come back to life and shine vibrantly.

“All You Need is Love”

Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you. Loretta Young

Race Street Pier, Philadelphia

Again I am sorry for the delay of my posts. Last week was spring break and this week were midterms. It has been a hectic week on campus because of the snow day we had the day before spring break. School work got pushed back as well as midterms that got canceled. Thankfully they are over! To celebrate this achievement, my boyfriend took me out shooting.

It was a beautiful night with temperatures around 45. I arrived at Race Street Pier around 6:30pm with the sun still out. I am still getting used to-day light savings, it would have been dark if I went out 2 weeks ago.

We found perfect parking, right in front of the pier. The only down side is that it costs $1.50 an hour and it only takes quarters.

After I stepped out of the car, I took my camera and tripod out and scoped out the place. It was a beautiful spot and well maintained. There wasn’t a single piece of trash or vandalism on the pier. Guess what, they even have outdoor outlets! How cool?! I assume that is why parking is so expensive, but it was worth the money.

As I was taking some pictures, I noticed on the Benjamin Franklin Bridge has lights that would light up after the sun fully set. Sunset was at 7:11 but, I knew that this would be a perfect place to get night portraits. My boyfriend Chris had just finished working and was tired. He did not think that I wanted to stay for 2 hours. I did not think I was either but I love night portraits, and thought this would be a great opportunity for me and a great experience for us. He agreed with my opinion and stayed with me until sunset.

At 7:14 the sun fully set and the fluorescent lights grew brighter giving off a luminous shimmer. As I was shooting around, I caught sight of Chris standing in front of the railing. Leaning against the wooden plank and gazing out at the Delaware River, as if he was in a deep thought. After I gazed at him for about 10 seconds, I called his name and waved my arm, directing him towards me. I told him to sit on the bench when and do the same thing he was doing.

After I finished taking pictures around 8PM, I folded my tripod and zipped my camera shut in its case. As I walked back to the car, my back felt like a weight has been removed. This made me relaxed, loved, and confident. Last night was a lovely way to end the night not only because I believed that I got great shots, I spend it with a very special person.

Camera Information


Exposure compensation: -2.3 EV

Aperture: f/10

Shutter Speed: 13.0