Welcome to Hawk Hill!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset“Snow falling soundlessly will always fill my heart with sweet clarity” Novala Takemoto

St. Joseph’s University

Top 10 reasons why I love St. Joseph’s

1. Gorgeous campus

2. In a perfect location (easy transportation, in the city but away from the chaos).

3. Professors and staff are friendly and outstanding. Always willing to help you.

4. So many opportunities are offered ranging from jobs to being involved in clubs and activities.

5. Meet many new people.

6. Many resources are offered to help you, for example the writing center and the tutor center.

7. There is a Starbucks on campus :)!

8. You can see the Philadelphia skyline, which is beautiful.

9. The library is gorgeous and has a lot of space for studying. It even has a snack bar area that even has the news displayed on the TV (I am so behind on the news).

10. Although I do not like the cafeteria named Campion, there is a food court down the hall that sells much better food including subway, hawk wraps, grill works, and sushi!

This is my first year at St. Joseph’s. I have not fully experienced what else is has to offer. So far I have been really enjoying my first year meeting new friends, adapting to the crazy work load, balancing my time, and exercising at the gym. Sophomore year is coming fast. I just completed my housing for next year and I am about to pick my courses next week. Spring is right around the corner, what I have heard is that the campus is stunning once flowers bloom and the grass and trees turn green. I am very excited to take more pictures of campus and share the beauty of my school with you!

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