Warmer and longer days!

10 ways to tell that Spring is here!
1. Flowers are blooming.
2. Friends, classmates, and family members are becoming more cheerful
3. The sun shines longer during the day instead of setting earlier = longer days!
4. It is getting warmer outside.
5. Instead of snow we get a lot of rain!
6. The air smells more fresh.
7. The grass and trees become more alive and become green.
8. Students are all talking about summer plans.
9. Instead of wearing bulky winter jackets, we are wearing lighter weight jackets
10. You hear the word FINALS very frequently…


Finally it is the time of year that we have all been waiting for. Temperate days, flowers starting to bloom, light weight outfits. This winter at St. Joseph’s was very harsh with bitter temperatures, a good amount of snow, and large amounts of money being spent on hot chocolate! Although spring is here, finals are about a month away and no one is a fan of them. The only way for summer to come is for us to stay strong and do the best we can on finals.

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