Why I love the arctic air…

“There are dark shadows on the earth, but its lights are stronger in the contrast.”
Charles Dickens

Boat House Row, Philadelphia Pa.

February 2015

Finally, I had the opportunity to get off campus with my boyfriend and go shooting with my camera. I left around 6:15pm, when the sun was fully set and the sky was full of darkness with city lights. I knew that this would be a perfect opportunity to learn and work with the light, using different exposures, apertures, and shutter speeds. The first place I went to was Belmont Plateau, which is about 2 miles away from St. Joseph’s University. The Plateau is a beautiful park and the city skyline in the distance, along with a large hill with a tree to lay under with a significant other one is a very romantic spot. Unfortunately, my pictures did not turn out as I hoped they would. Since I am still a beginner, my exposure was off as well as my aperture. Well now I can use this unfortunate turnout as an excuse, to go back over and shoot again. I was off to my next and last destination of the night, boathouse row. I had a good feeling that I would get a great shot there since I knew what I did wrong at the Plateau.

I will never forget standing outside of boathouse row in the stinging arctic air, with howling winds beating upon my face and numbing my fingers. The longer I stood, the more difficult it became for my frozen fingers to press the small buttons and rotate different nozzles, as wearing gloves would restrict me from adjusting different settings. An hour later, with my fingers immobilized and my body starting to cringe from the arctic air, I had to finally call it a night before my whole body would become an ice-cube. As I climbed in the warm cozy car, my hand felt as if, burning hot needles where ripping through my skin from the radical temperature shift. The pain I felt was like I had just run my hands under steaming hot water after soaking them in a freezing ice bucket for a long period of time. Over some time the pain subsided and I could see how my pictures turned out. By far this is my favorite picture, not only because I am in favor of the exposure and aperture along with the captured setting of Boathouse Row, the city skyline, and the Art Museum; standing there was when I felt a sigh of relaxation and peace. It has been a couple of months since I last went out shooting, so being able to pursue my passion gave me a natural high along with love and happiness. Even though I was freezing, I finally got to experience the incredible rush from doing what I truly love. It was totally worth the pain.

4 Replies to “Why I love the arctic air…”

  1. I really like your photos. Although I do not know much about photography your images really show your passion and I think no matter someone’s degree of knowledge for photography they can still appreciate the beauty of your work!

  2. Hey Mary! I love your photos, but your writing is superb as well! Very descriptive and gives almost as much of a mental image as the photos themselves. I’d love to see more photos of our campus! Great job so far.

    Kaitlin (sjugreenfund.com)

  3. I really love your blog Mary. Your pictures are so cool and I really enjoyed all of your posts. I think that your blog is very well organized and well-edited. Your writing is really good and it makes me want to read even more! Keep up the good work!

  4. I love the pictures you have posted and can’t wait to see what pictures you will post when the leaves are out on the trees and the flowers are blooming!

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