Escape from reality

Close your eyes and think for a minute. If you were at the airport this very moment and could escape to any place of your choice, where would you go?

April 2014,

It was an early April morning at the Philadelphia airport. The sun was just rising and getting ready to shine upon my family and I, with new adventures and memories. Finally we were able to escape from the harsh and bitter winter weather, to the warm temperate air of Tampa Florida. Escaping from reality and living in paradise for a whole week, the perfect medicine to relieve our stress. I couldn’t resist but to tap my foot, as I waited for the lady to come on the loud-speaker and say that our plane was ready to board. The thought of dipping my feet in the warm Gulf of Mexico was just three hours away from me. Just a few days before, I was making a life changing decision on what college I wanted to attend, St. Joseph’s University!

I caught myself gazing upon this photo this afternoon, as I was taking a break from my heavy load of homework. Today on campus, the temperature is in the teens with blustering winds, which makes the teens feel like it’s below zero (brrrr). Personally I am not a fan of powerful gusts of wind, whipping against my naked face and slowly sneaking in through my jacket, making me feel as if I am slowly becoming paralyzed. I don’t think many people like the feeling of slowly becoming a frozen block of ice just from being outside for a short amount of time.

Coming across this picture filled me with a warm tropical sensation. I will be honest, part of the warm sensation I was experiencing was from my warm fuzzy blanket, which was covering me from head to toe, along with some creamy hot cocoa. The memory of my rapidly tapping foot waiting to board, wearing warm fuzzy socks and UGG boots. Then visualizing me casually walking off of the plane with my flip-flops on to tropical stress free environment, gives me hope that one-day, I’ll be walking off a plane to paradise again. Stress free and worry free!

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