The Silver Lining

St. George’s Island, Bermuda

“Let the light shine out of darkness” 2 Corinthians 4:6.

Recently I was looking through my mom’s old pictures of the family and came across this photo that my grandfather.  He took this photo in St. George’s Island, Bermuda as the sun was rising east. As I gazed upon this photo, a sense of tranquility, hope, and happiness arose within me. My grandfather was a courageous and brave man as he Marine in World War 2. He has a loving wife and two kids, one, which is my mother. Ten years ago he lost his battle with pancreatic cancer and saying goodbye was excruciating. It has changed my family and the community he has touched. He was a virtuous man who put others before him and wanted to make everyone happy. Everyone who knew him said he always brightened their day with his contagious smile and loving personality.

My grandfather also had a passion for photography and inspired me to grow a passion for it. Yes this picture is not mine, but he is the main reason why I have a passion for photography. When I shoot pictures on my free time, its like all my troubles seem to fade away.

Beach over snow. The power of imagination.

“I’m definitely much more of a beach bunny. I prefer the sun over the snow.” Gillian Zinser

Today St. Joseph decided to give us the day off since we have about 12 inches of snow. I think the snow is beautiful and its beauty is unique… For the first 5 minutes. After 5 minutes I am ready for the beach and warm weather!

I was on my Snapchat this morning and came across a post from good friend I went to elementary school and middle school with. She is currently in Miami soaking up the warm tropical weather. Her pictures are all of palm trees, tropical drinks, and the light crystal blue ocean. I am so jealous. I had to do something to relive my envy and sadness. Therefore, I looked this tropical picture of the beach and imagined I was there, taking the picture right now.

I closed my eyes and let my mind and imagination take over me.

Standing barefoot with my toes hidden beneath the sand, gazing out at the light blue ocean from my Tiki hut. With my camera around my neck and water in my hand, I gradually made my way through the palm trees to a large rock, that was planted firmly in the water along the shore line. Eager to arrive and capture an everlasting memory.

As I arrived at the tall rock, I gradually bent my knee, lifted my foot and softly placed my foot on the warm bumpy rock. With all my might, I extended my knee and rose above the rock, as if I was King Kong standing on top of the Empire State Building. Gently, I bent my knees and lowered myself on the rock and let my legs rest easy, hanging over as if they were immobilized.

Gracefully toke in deep inhales and long exhale and as I sat upon the rock. Taking in the beauty that surrounded me and the floral scent that soothed my mind. Watching the gentle light blue rippling waves that calmly approach the shore. The white and blue striped hammock that hung motionless from the tropical palm tree. Each palm swaying gently to the warm ocean breeze, relaxing over the calm ocean water.

Letting my mind take over me and imagining that I in beauty, warm weather, and peace. It made me think that this snow not all so bad. All I need is a picture of a beach, a silent room, and my imagination.


I typically enjoy a beautiful beach destination, as I find the water and sand to be the most replenishing. – Elizabeth Berkley.

August 2010,

Not only does this picture remind me of a magnificent trip to Maui Hawaii, it also was a trip celebrating that I was cancer free, as I was 4 months in remission.

I can still remember standing barefoot upon the warm rough rock, with my camera grasped tightly in my hand. The whole time I was hoping that I wouldn’t accidentally drop it in the big royal blue. Luckily, it didn’t slip away since I am able to share my memory with you.

Every time I gaze upon this picture, I think of the moment of when I was taking it. It feels like yesterday that I was trying maintaining my balance on the rounded volcanic rock, as if I was trying to stand up on a surfboard. My goal was to get the perfect shot so I could hold this lifetime experience for the rest of my life, deep inside my heart. Also to remind me of the emotions and memories that it brought to my family and I. Before taking the shot, I spent a good hour just sitting upon the big massive rock that was once formed by lava long ago. Gazing at the deep blue ocean as the waves crashed upon the rocks, sucking up all the leftover shells that laid upon the rocks, as if my old memories were being sucked away from each breaking wave. As the warm fresh ocean breeze gently coasted across my face, I gazed upon the healthy tropical palm trees as they swayed in the breeze. It was as if they were swaying to the rhythm of a mellow beat. That precious experience put me in a mellow and relaxed state of mind. It was a feeling that I never experienced before. Compared to the feeling of, “is this my last breath”, to having an unlimited amount of pure Hawaiian air was an extraordinary shift of my emotions. For once and always I could take deep clean inhales, and long healthy exhales, without the horrid thought of a short exhale that wouldn’t be followed by another breath. This new feeling I had sitting upon the rock, trying to ever so carefully stand up and capture this memory was total bliss. The pure Hawaiian vibes cleansed my mind, my body, and my family.