Can’t take a perfect picture of your dog in the snow? Think again!

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Hey you Instagram/social media users!

Yes you.. especially you dog lovers and owners!

We can all relate how hard it can be to take the perfect shot of your adorable fluff ball, especially in the snow right??

Well, it may not be as hard as you think…

All you need is something that your dog thrives for. It can be treats, toys, or even a snowball, whatever can catch your dogs attention and make them fully in tuned to you! I used a snowball since Sandy loves eating snow and thinks it’s a toy!

Ready for the big secret?? This can be done by using an iPhone! So don’t think that you have to bring your fancy camera out in the cold weather! With the right lighting and editing APP, you can make your photos look as if a professional photographer took them! I love using VOSCO editing app for my photos. Not only is it easy to navigate, it has so many effects and editing features. Just be aware that some effects may cost $1.00 but there are many you can get for FREE (which I use)!

Here are some tips that can help you when you are taking the photos. First, sprinkle some snow on your pup, if they don’t have any snow on them from playing or rolling around. My favorite places to sprinkle is the nose, back, chest, and head. I especially like to sprinkle some around their chest to give a framing effect of their body.

While I took the photos with one hand, in the other was my distraction hand. Once they know you have their possession, they will do anything for it. This makes you totally in charge! It makes it easy for us photographers because this gives us great opportunities to capture many shots from different angles. One technique I used was having Sandy sit, stand or just getting her full attention and then waving my distraction hand(the snowball) in all different directions; left, right, up, down. As I was waving my distraction hand, my camera hand continuously  captured photos from every angle. Remember, dogs have a short attention span.. Don’t tease your pup for too long or else they will get very impatient and try to lunge towards the toy. Wave it around for a good 5 or 10 seconds. This is the best way I believe to capture photos of your pup. They become completely in tuned to you!

Don’t be discouraged if your pictures didn’t turn out as you wished. You may have to do this for a bit of time, depending on what exactly you want to capture. My goal was to get a photo of her with snow perfectly on her nose with her puppy eyes twinkling.

In VOSCO editing app, I used a high exposure, low contrast, and a bit of shadowing to help me bring out the twinkle in her eyes.  I also used some saturation and a cool temperature(blue) to give the cool effect. In some pictures I gave a pink tint to give off a warm feeling to my viewers.

So enough of the “ughhh this is impossible” Because this mission impossible, became a mission possible!!!

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Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

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You will never believe how I took a still puppy picture.

I know it has been a while since my last post. Last week as well as this coming week is crazy with course work. Thankfully next week is spring break and I can finally see my golden retriever puppy. Her name Sandy Beach Dixon. I love her so much!

I took this picture of Sandy when I had winter break (for a full month). At the time she was only 2 and a half months old and has been living at home for a month. She has been such a joy and has such a warm and loving personality. Sandy thrives for attention from my family and especially from visitors. She always looks forward to visitors and loves to play with them although, she does bite hard which needs to stop, but she is a puppy and is still learning her senses.

Taking pictures of puppies is very difficult, especially for one who cannot stand still for a full second. To get this shot, I had to think of a way to make her stop in her tracks and freeze. I knew already that she loves chasing people, running after her ball, and hearing her name called. Some way I had to use one of those techniques to make her freeze for a split second. So an idea came to me of throwing her ball. My plan was to get her attention with the ball in one hand and my camera in the other so, I could quickly take a picture as she was processing my action before her reaction.  This idea is extremely risky because I potentially could ruin my camera if she pounced on me. I might be too late taking the picture if she reacted quicker than I expected, but it was worth a shot.

As I was about to grab the miniature tennis ball from my pocket, Sandy stopped frozen in her tracks, gazing upon the falling snow around her. Without any hesitation, I instantly gripped my camera, focused on her and shot continuously. I could not believe it, Sandy is always moving around being a crazy energetic puppy and for once, she was in a standstill and watched the snow fall gracefully. It was like she knew that I was giving her the attention as a paparazzi would to a celebrity so she knew to pose for me.